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Myofascial / Fascia Release Tool + Gua Sha Board

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A must have 2 pc. tool set for myofascial/ fascia release and the popular practices of Gua sha and Anma (Japanese) Massage. These specific designs have found their way to skincare treatment rooms, and homes worldwide to help firm, tone, release fascia, increase circulation and massage cellulite.

This best selling set is earning praise every step along the way for its numerous practical, and beneficial uses. Quite simply, a fantastic addition to your healthy skin home-care beauty regimen!

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No matter what name you call them, Estheticians, Body Workers, Massage Therapists and users Worldwide love these easy-to-use, and ultra effective massage tools!

In as little as 5 minutes per day this Myofascial/ Fascia release and Gua sha Board tool set will warm up tissue, and relax high tension zones. These beneficial tools help to improve circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, and loosen tight areas prior to microcurrent treatments.

The finger and thumb like protrusions of the Myofascial/ Fascia Release tool design allow for quick, and easy use to stimulate key areas of the face, and neck for beneficial lymphatic drainage.  This tool also provides an effective warm up and release of tight muscle tissue of the jaw, and scalp- all proven to benefit healthy bloodflow, circulation, and (once again) to enhance the benefits of microcurrent treatments . Excellent for DIY at home, or in conjunction with professional microcurrent treatment sessions.

Material: High quality, durable resin that can be washed and sanitized pre, and, or post use.

Includes canvas/ poly storage/ travel case (as shown).



How to Use:

See  Myofascial/ Fascia Release Tool

See Gua sha Board Tool


Weight 4.0 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2.5 × 3.8 in


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