"After many years (and a couple of bumpy detours with other skincare lines), I'm staying on the path of the incomparable 302 skincare line with the incredible support of Jennifer at 21st Century Skincare. She is wonderful, patient, and really knows her stuff. She encourages me to go slowly and always inspires me to do the right thing. I really can't thank her enough!"
Bonnie, San Francisco, CA
"To say that I have sensitive skin is an understatement. For years I tried department, specialty and drug store products labeled for sensitive skin - even the expensive ones.  I would use them for a few weeks and then have to return them after realizing, the hard way, that they weren't giving my skin what it needed.  One evening, out of desperation I took to the internet in search of something that would sooth my dry, red and overworked skin.  Thankfully my internet search led me to the 302 Rx line and the guided support of my personal 21st Century esthetician Jennifer that I can call any time for advice.  Three years later I have healthy, happy, beautiful skin. I have also come to learn a bit about what got my sensitive skin so worked up in the first place - over exfoliation, essential oils and hidden ingredients in other products that are common allergens.  I am so glad my search led me to 21st Century; 302 Rx cleanser, day/night moisturizer and moisturizing drops; and the professional support to find the right fit for my skin."
Cara K., St. Louis, MO
" The Sculplla Products and Time Master Pro device have been game changers for me. My skin has improved so much for the better since purchasing about 6 months ago. My skin looks firmed and very even in tone and texture. I see a huge improvement to my jawline and around my lips which I love! I am grateful to have received the guidance I needed to be able to DIY at home which saves me time and money while seeing incredible results."
Carol Hughes from CA
"I have been using 302 skincare for the last couple of years and I can honestly say I haven't looked back.  After doing a random research on the internet, I am thankful to have found this product! The face & body bar is amazing.  I love how my face feels super clean after and it never dries out my skin.  I also use the 302 cleanser which is just as great.  I coordinate using the Vitamin C drops and 302 drops every other night (with Sundays being my day of rest from the drops).  The Vitamin C drops are used at night and in the morning, my face is soft and glowing.  It amazes me how it transforms my face over night.  I recently purchased the Calming Mist RX as my face started to get red/dry patches on it (I'm not sure if it's eczema or psoriasis or could have been from an awful winter this year).  After using this after the last two months, I no longer get the red patches.  I use the Calming Mist in combination with my 302 Drops and also as a daily moisturizer (I can no longer use lotions on my face after trying this product).  I would have to say this is now my favorite product.  I also want to give a big thanks to Jennifer from 21st century because she has provided me with the best customer service.  From the very beginning, she has given me detail on how each product works and spent more than enough time to answer all of my questions.  I've also ordered the self tanner spray (which is also fun to use) and she was quick to take my call/answer my questions about it.  I've also used the SPF lotion, which is non-greasy and doesn't have an awful smell like most do.  I also love how quick my orders are placed and received.  My boyfriend is now hooked on the product and we have been ordering more frequently.  We both used to have acne prone skin/oily skin.  I don't remember the last break out I've had since using the product and his skin is transforming the more he uses this product.  302 is worth every penny and I am grateful to have stumbled upon this product"
Jenni from Indianapolis
"If you are looking for a great site to purchase solid skincare products and trustworthy gadgets you will find it right here! The quality of the brands is second to none. I am obsessed with every device I have purchased (5 total to date) and I have never been happier with my skin. I am more confident at age 50 than I was at 35. I am so pleased with knowing that I can always speak to an associate and get expert advice on what is best for my needs as well as how to use everything. I have saved so much time and money plus my skin looks fantastic and I feel more confident about myself."
Marie T. Syosset NY

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