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Myofascial / Fascia Release Tool

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This must have tool is a style, and design as polularized by Estheticians, and Body Workers for simple, and effective myofascial release / fascia massage. This specific design has found its way to skincare treatment room, and now for home use for fascia realease, (and more, including cellulite massage). A handy “gem” exclusively produced at overseas at facilities specializing in massage tools of all shapes, and sizes for use in the U.S., and worldwide.

For thousands of years the ancient time tested massage techniques of guasha with origins in China, and anma originating from Japan have been well respected, as both refer to a practice of traditional therapeutic massage, as well as the practitioners of these techniques including modern shiatsu massage which is largely derived from Japanese anma massage.

This best seller is earning praise every step along the way for its numerous practical, and beneficial uses. Quite simply, a fantastic addition to your healthy homecare regimen or skincare/ bodywork practice!

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No matter what name you call it Estheticians, Body Workers and Massage Therapists are super fans of this easy to use and super effective tool! In particular for the benefits of fascia release and lymphatic drainage which esthetically speaking make this tool the perfect companion for the MINI by Clareblend, or other brand home microcurrent device to aid in optimal benefit. Also great for use prior to receiving professional microcurrent treatments.

In as little as 5 minutes this myofascial release tool will warm up tissue, relax high tension zones and prepare muscles of the scalp, face, neck and décolleté to optimize microcurrent benefits.

Not just for microcurrent!  When it comes to tight muscles/ muscle tension that the epidemic of stress can create,  literally anyone can benefit from fascia/ myofascial release.  This vital manipulation of stiff tissue is now widely recognized by leading health practitioners, massage, and physical therapists as a key component to muscle function, as well as total health/ wellbeing. As an overall stress buster this super simple to use tool is great for use anytime, anywhere (with or without microcurrent). You may even find it hard to put down. Feels great as it glides over the skin.  Our users report a most pleasant relaxing sensation with use as muscles loosen, and stress melts away.

The finger and thumb like protrusions of this tools design allow for quick, and easy for use to stimulate key areas of the face, and neck for lymphatic drainage.  This provides effective warm up and release of tight muscle tissue of the jaw, and scalp- all proven to benefit healthy bloodflow, circulation, and (once again) to enhance the benefits of microcurrent treatments . Excellent for DIY at home, or in conjunction with  professional microcurrent treatment sessions.

Perfect for use when relaxing with your favorite show or talking on the phone. Also popular when used with your favorite cleansing product in the shower or bath.

How to Use:

Depending on your preference, you may choose to use this tool directly on your skin; whether that of the face, or body; we recommend use with some form of a light slip agent by way of a  moisturizing oil, or lighter-weight lipid formula such as 302 professional Skincare’s natural, and organic Moisturizing Drops product for face, and body applications, or 302 Professional Skincare’s Body Massage Oil for body applications to allow for a perfect relaxing glide over skins surface.

Use of extra light pressure with gliding motion is best for face, and decolette while light to medium pressure works best for scalp, back of neck, and other areas of the body.
Let your pressure preference be your guide.  We do not ever recommend applying pressure to the point of feeling pain with use over any area.

Respective to lymphatic drainage- healthy/ appropriate movement of lymph it is helpful to research manual lymphatic drainage techniques, or contact our expert esthetican’s with Certification in this technique to learn more, and or guide you to the appropriate resources.

Weight 4.0 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2.5 × 3.8 in

3 reviews for Myofascial / Fascia Release Tool

  1. Gwenda J.

    I wish I had found this item before having overpaid elsewhere. I left my first one in a hotel room and was lost without it. I searched and found this one not knowing if it was the same at a lower price. I decided to take a chance. Much to my surprise I believe this is identical to that of another supplier at a much higher price. This tool is great and I have seen a change to my face since I began using a few months ago. I use before using my microcurrent twice weekly and in between for a total of about 5 times per week. I am experiencing a firmer jaw area and puffiness under my eyes is not an issue for me any longer.

  2. Stephanie D.

    Great tool for fascia release. Arrived quickly and works effectively. Thanks to your staff for the extra tips for use.

  3. Verified Customer

    I wanted to put this out here for reference… I purchased this item only after using the one my daughter purchased elsewhere. I was going to get the exact one she purchased, but it was IMO pricey. So i did some research and my daughter weighed in that I might be purchasing “a knock-off”. I was like hmmm… ummm.. it’s a plastic massage tool that looks an awful lot like this other plastic massage tool right here. I decided to find out for my self and went with what she referred to as the alleged “knock-off”- again thinking cost. From there whenI next went by my daughters place, I took mine and put them both to the test. Honestly, I can’t say I notice a difference in how either performs. My daughter let me know some of her tips and I am using how she indicated. I feel a difference in how my scalp feels- less tight and no more sore spots after use for some weeks (trying to use daily). Within weeks I really see some toning improvement around jawline and I can also feel a difference around my mouth and nasal labial area. It feels nice also, not tight or knotted up. I hope this will help anyone else that is wondering about this exact item. I personally think it was a good experiment and I would recommend this one. Lastly, I called in and spoke with Nora and she took extra time to help explain how I can use this more effectively for my concerns. I was not expecting such great customer service as this is not easy to find these days rather one size fits all videos and the like. Thank you, Allie J. from FL

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