Revive Rx 4 oz.

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Revive Rx is a versatile treatment product. A safe substitute for benzoyl peroxide. Perfect for detox/ transitioning away from acid regimens to reduce common withdrawal symptoms. Effective for calming and dimishing red reactive skin such as that of rosacea, dermatitis, and inflammatory acne.

Also effective as part of an anti-aging regimen to re-train skin to properly process and utilize actives for regeneration when aging has compromised proper utilization (cellular uptake) of key nutrients.


Revive Rx is a key product in 302’s Into Kit. Quite simply put, Revive Rx brings down the look and feel of irritated, rashy,inflamed, itchy skin immediately.
Revive Rx is a clear, fast absorbing gel for acne and aged skin especially for those seeking visible relief fast from even chronic skin problems.  Allows troubled skin to hit the re-set button allowing for smoother transition to calm skin which once stable can then repaired/ regenerated.

Revive Rx is formulated with natural based polymer and botanical extracts to produce a secondary
metabolite of carbamide phosphate a key factor found in reducing irritated and acne prone skin.

Use daily as needed to provide moisturizing and visible healing. If drying does occur, reduce frequency of application.

• Acne Rash – drug free approach to clearing the look of even chronic acne in days.
• Inflammation/Rosacea – reduces and eliminates, clears look in days.
• Pustular Acne Rash – cleans and clears up look.
• Shingles – stops itch, clears look
• Diaper Rash – or any rash
• pH 8.5

PRECAUTIONS: Keep away from eyes.
Some tingling may occur in the first few moments of application.
Not recommended with creams or lotions or gels that contain exfoliating acids.
Some may notice tingling or a slight ammonia-like odor for the first few moments of application.
Follow with Calming Mist or Calming Mist Rx and Remedy Rx. This will provide coverage and improve look.

APPLICATIONS: For any rash, irritation, breakout or for itching – this product works immediately. Follow with a small amount of Remedy Rx while skin is still wet. Outstanding, fast results. Apply as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Organic green tea and vanilla extracts, kosher glycerine, cetyl alcohol, cellulose polymer, polyquat 77, C12-15 ammonium alkyl esters, silicone oil. 

A clear, fast absorbing gel for acne and aged skin problems especially for those seeking visible relief from shingles and irritated, dry skin conditions. Very effective for clearing visible stubborn acne whether inflammatory or pustular in character. Ammonia polymer and botanical extracts rapidly clear skin problems via carbamide phosphate secondary metabolite uptake  a key factor found in irritated and acne prone skin.
Use daily to provide moisturizing and visible healing. In the event you experience any slight dryness simply, reduce frequency of application. Very effective treatment of rashy, irritated skin. Follow with natural zinc based Remedy Rx to further calm skin and speed healing.

Esthetic Results: Rapid relief of visible rosacea, acne, shingles, dry, crusty or pustular skin conditions.

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply after gentle cleansing to affected skin areas 3x per week to begin. Some momentary stinging/tingling may occur. Follow with Remedy Rx spread with Calming Mist or Calming Mist Rx. If skin is dry and irritated, use Moisturizing Drops or Moisturizing Drops Rx (prior to Remedy Rx application).

Weight 6.0 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 6 in


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