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Vitamin C Serum & Vitamin C Complex – 1 oz.

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Two super fresh and naturally powerful takes on Vitamin C that your skin is sure to love. Antioxidant protection suitable for all skin types (including sensitive), featuring natural Rose Hips and Pearl Powder.

Choose your ideal formula (or use one, then try the other- rotate ongoing) for glowing healthy skin!

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Two exceptional potent Vitamin C Products POWERED BY NATURE from Dermaki Skincare. Choose your ideal formula or rotate both for your ongoing skin protecting, healthy circulation boosting, skin brightening, antioxidant regimen. Both feature Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate; a scientifically advanced, stabilized (and skin friendly) form of vitamin C that has a number of benefits for the skin. This helps to fade UV damage and pigmentation for a more even skin tone, while also providing antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors. Vitamin C has shown to revive collagen production, which helps to improve and or keep that fresh, supple bounce back present in youthful skin .

Vitamin C Serum is luxe aloe based formula best for normal to oily and or combination types when a more matte finish is desired. Naturally (ever so lightly exfoliationg) papaya and pineapple help to rid skin of dead cells gently and very subtly. This can be of great benefit for those struggling with dull complexion that also want to avoid excessive chemical or manual exfoliation. Reduces wrinkles and smooths while helping to refine pores with amino acid and mineral rich Pearl Powder. Rose Hips Oil completes this easily absorbed anti-aging formula, packed with vitamins C and E to firm, brighten, and protect.

Vitamin C Complex (not pictured) features the same Rose Hips Oil and Pearl Powder as the Serum for a double boost of antioxidant protection, as well as a hit of vitamins A, C, and E. Pearl Powder brings a potent mix of amino acids, minerals, and calcium to deeply nourish and condition skin. Natural Moringa balances out this formula bringing added hydration for dry skin with its high monounsaturated fatty acid content (40%), which provides and retains moisture. Morniga provides antibacterial benefit and is anti-inflammatory. Acting as a skin defending natural barrier, deflecting harmful free radicals like UV rays and pollution. You”ll love the just-right moisturized feel! Never heavy or greasy.

Both Vitamin C Serum and Vitamin C Complex are an ideal pick-me-ups for tired, dull, and aging complexions. Theses formulas help to visibly brighten tone and smooth skin’s texture. Antioxidant protection helps to combat signs of aging while providing a nourishing moisture boost (less visibly with Serum). Vitamin C Complex imparts the feel of a lipid, but without heavy or greasy after-feel.

How to use:

Apply to clean skin morning or night. 3xs weekly use alternating days is recommended for best results. Vitamin C Complex spreads evenly and well when applied to damp skin after cleansing and optimally (for an extra antixidant boost) when paired with Dermaki’s Calm toner mist product.

INGREDIENTS; Vitamin C Serum:

Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Juice, Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate), Caricapapaya (Papaya) Extract, Carica Papaya (Green Papaya) Extract, Ananascomosus (Pineapple) Extract, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Squalane Oil (From Olive) Rose Hips Oil, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Phenoxyethanol and Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate and Essential Oils.

INGREDIENTS; Vitamin C Complex:

Grapeseed Oil, Tamanu Oil, Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate), Argan Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil (MCT), Rose Hips Oil, Moringa Oil, Pearl Powder, Essential Oils.

Either Vitamin C formula pairs well when used in a rotation regimen with any of the following Dermaki Skincare active regeneration formulas:

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Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin C Complex

2 reviews for Vitamin C Serum & Vitamin C Complex – 1 oz.

  1. Customer Nellie J.

    Okay, so I tried this product only because the 302 brand of C Drops is no longer available. I was very shocked by this news. I can confirm that I am pleased with this product following almost one month of regular use. I will continue to use this product so I hope this review is helpful to others wanting an effective substitute. I did speak with staff that was very helpful and they also had other vitamin C formulas that would also be a suitable substitute. This product was what I decided on, and again, I am fully satisfied with the helpful team that made a solid recommendation.

    Nellie J. from Minneapolis

  2. Terri

    I like it a lot. I caught my husband liking it too. ; ) He needs to get his own bottle. : P
    Terri J. ~ your most favorite client : )

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