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Dermaki Skincare – Calm – 4 oz/ 120 ml

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Hydrate, brighten, and feed your skin the anti-aging antioxidants it needs, in one simple step with Calm (Anti-Aging Toner Mist) from Dermaki Skincare. The perfect accompaniment to any skincare regime, with gentle exfoliating action that increases absorption/ utilization of active serums.  Calm is also exceptional for use to reactivate conductive gels.


How To Use:

Use Calm after cleansing to tone, hydrate and balance skin. For additional benfit, alternatively mix the Calm toner with serums and oils to make your favorite products even more effective.

Pro Tip: in addition to the above uses, we love this product for use with microcurrent, ultrasound and Red Light Therapy treatments. Simply mist to reactivate your conduction gel when using with microcurrent and ultrasound (ex: Mini and Time Master Pro). You’ll save on gels (and the heavy, goopy feel that comes from adding more conductive gel as you go) when performing energy treatments. For use with Light Therapy,  mist 3-5 minutes before use of your LED device to enhance your treatment (read more below on Calm’s powerful green tea blend). You can also read more about the amazing benefits of green tea when paired with Red Light Therapy as shown in a published study.

Powered By 3 Types of Green Tea and natural fruit extracts provide gentle enzymatic exfoliation. With regular use, skin becomes smoother,fine lines less noticeable. Soothing Green Tea helps to nourish, hydrate, and heal dry or acne-prone skin without clogging pores. Rich in antioxidants to help dimnish photo aging. Green Tea has also shown to reduce wrinkles, brighten and firm while protecting skin from free radical damage.

Ingredients: 3 Types of Green Tea in an Aqueous Base (proprietary blend), Tamanu Oil, Glycerin, Polysorbate 80, Polyquat S-1210, Sodium Benzoate, Lavender and Camphor Essential Oils.

1 review for Dermaki Skincare – Calm – 4 oz/ 120 ml

  1. K. King

    I have a new favorite in this product. The light and natural scent is amazing! My skin feels and looks so refreshed in the weeks since I began use. I am not sure of why, but I will take it! Great stuff! 🙂 🙂 K. King from NJ

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