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Promoter Repair Eye and Lip Cream

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Along with the PLLA (made famous via Scullpla Mist and the Professional Filler Mask), the 4 Growth Factors and PDRN (contained in Sculplla Facial Cream), Promoter Repair Eye and Lip Cream contains a cutting edge new ingredient called Volufiline.  This excting compound is derived from an extract from the roots of Asian botanical Anamarrhena Asphodeloides that is then processed with an oil soluble excipient. This key ingredient helps to promote body volume by way of a cosmetic lipofilling-like effect that is also effective for lips. This effect occurs by way of stimulation as adipolcyte differentiation and proliferation occur.


The result is the promotion of lipid storage leading to an increase of adipocyte volume within fatty tissues.  In simple terms Volufiline works to promote increased volume of the dermal fat pads surrounding the eyes which many commonly lose as part of the aging process and due to hormonal fluctuations,  and  environmental factors such as sun damage.
Photo courtesy of Sculplla brand (TOV Beauty)
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3 reviews for Promoter Repair Eye and Lip Cream

  1. Kim from Boston

    Promoter Repair Eye Cream has worked very well for me. I like the creamy formula and how it makes my undereye area very hydrated. I think my discoloration has faded in a matter of weeks. I look forward to the filling in part. I hope that happens with continued use. I am fully satisfied now though with performance as compared to other expensive eye creams I have used. The hydration without residual tacky or greasy residue is exceptional.

  2. Jeanne B.

    I’ve been on the hunt for a good eye cream and this product has been most impressive. I appreciate having had a consultant available to select the best product for my needs. Thank you to Nora for the great recommendation. My dark circles have faded and my puffy morning eyes are much improved in just over a month. Looking forward to continued use and tackling some others concerns with your expert guidance. Jeanne B. from WA

  3. Mella from Canada

    This is a really good eye cream. Goes on smooth, brightens and de-puffs.

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