Illuminare Cosmetics – Fast Application Pad


The Fast Application Pad makes for quick and easy applications or touch ups of Illuminare Cosmetics at home, while travelling/on the go.

Perfect for precision blending of Illuminare foundation and blush shades/ formulas (Moisturizing, Concealing, etc.). You can ditch the need for multiple brushes and messy foundation fingers. Forget about ever touching your face with hands and fingers- especially while on the go.

The Fast App. Pad allows you to build the perfect coverage precisely where you need it. The fluffy-soft face of the pad holds on to just the right amount of product at the suface which allows for seamless feathering to more sheer converage where you need that. For more coverage you simply tap or pat down over the desired area and viola, more coverage. This allows for ease of a customizable application that suits your individual needs. Always fast, always flawless.

The perfectly designed shape of this pad provides a countered tip that can reach the tighter areas of the nose and eye area. The larger portion allows for a quick sweep of coverage and ability to blend and transition over larger areas including the neck.

Customers also report using the Fast App. Pad with the Extra Coverage Foundation for decolette shoulders and even light use for legs to cover skin imperfections. We find a dedicated second pad as the best practice for such alternative uses. The exception being for use to pat/ feather out imperfections/ sun damage, etc. (in particular for decolette).

Uniquely Designed: 

Fast Application pad is designed with an soft antibacterial fleece outer cover. One side a decorative fun leopard print (not for application use) and the silky smooth and spongy soft beige side used for application. The inner core is a springy mesh material which provides support, ease of movement and prevents the pad from saturating with product over time and use. Unlike other beauty sponges, the Fast Application Pad keeps the leopard print side perfect for handling over and over. This keeps makeup off fingers/ hands or anywhere else you don’t want it to go.

Easy Care Instructions:

Hand wash in warm water and lay flat to dry. We recommend using a chemical/ fragrance free soap or detergent (especially for sensitive types) and rinsing thoroughly. Some users have also noted that these pads come out great when placed in a mesh bag for delicates and added to a small load of laundry using a warm water setting. Beacuase the Fast Application Pad’s outcover is made from anibacterial¬† fleece washing every 4-6 weeks is recommended however for those with active acne or other concerns you may wish to clean it more frequntly.

Please also note: over washing or washing this pad too aggressively may cause the fleece cover to break down resulting in diminished performance and, or the need for replacement.


Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in


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