Purity – 4 oz.

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Dirt, and bacteria BE GONE! 302 Skincare’s Purity product harnesses the natural anti-bacterial properties of green tea extracts and natural ethanol to cleanse and purify conveniently without the need for water.

302 Professional Skincare’s Purity is a naturally antimicrobial gentle cleanser, and sanitizer for all skin types. A simple to use – no rinse formula.

Say goodbye to oily shine!  Purity is a total game changer for acne that will not dry out, or otherwise bother sensitive skin, thus safe, and effective for all skin types.  Helps reduce visible redness/ rash of acne,breakouts, skin irritations as it repels bacteria.

Clean and germ free skin, hands! Perfect for use when you cannot otherwise wash your face, hands, etc. Excellent when applied before a workout, on the go, during air travel. Apply, and remove with tissue, cortton pad when dirt, makeup are present. Even better, Purity works to repel germs, and bacteria post application.


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• Acne – as needed for pustular acne, and oily shine
• Perfect for rashy areas that are susceptible to bacteria.
• Water-free cleanser applied as you would a hand sanitizer for anytime, on the go use
• Excellent for freshening, and won’t strip skin or create more oil production as frequent washing does
• Use as first step for pre-cleanse application methods of 302 actives to alleviate need for double cleansing
• Natural, preservative-free formula
• pH 6.5-7.5

INGREDIENTS: Hydrosols of organic green tea and lemon, carbomer, ethanol, kosher glycerine.


INSTRUCTIONS: Use as you would any skin sanitizer. Wash or swab off with tissues, cotton pad, or leave-on as desired.

Purity is highly recommended to prep skin for any wash-off (pre-cleanse) application of a 302 Active product such as Clarity which is often applied, and then removed after 5 minutes to prevent  minor dryness.  For pre-cleanse applications; swab the face with Purity and a cotton pad.  Next apply the applicable active product, Waiit 2-5 minutes, and then apply cleanser, massage, and rinse.


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Weight 6.0 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 6 in


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