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HydraRoller .25 Microneedle Set


HydraRoller features 64 titanium .25 depth pins which allows for safe and effective micro infusion of skincare products.  This convenient, portable, re-usable, and easy to use microneedle bottle set works best with thinner to medium viscosity vitamin and nutrient rich actives, topicals, and peptide formulas.  Perfect for use with SculPLLA Mist, 302 Drops, C Drops, and many of the Viktoria DeAnn Peptide formulas such as Pepti-Elastin, and Pepti-ProCol.


As with all microneedling tools for home use, we recommend sterilizing the bottle, cap, and .25 guage roller before, and after use with appropriate disinfecting solution or isopropyl achohol of 70% or above, and not less. Sterilizing the roller should be done promptly after the procedure. Dip the head into a cup of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and let it soak for fifteen minutes minimum. Any homebrand solution is sufficient, again-as long as it is at least 70% alcohol.  Return the cover soon after, as it prevents the pins/ needles from getting damaged.

With extended use the pins will eventually become dull, and possibly bend as is normal will any such microneedle tool.  It is recommended to replace a dull or damaged HydraRoller tool.



Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 4 in


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