Ceramide Serum – 1 oz.

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This high potency formula features a multi-target approach suitable for all aging applications of all skin types. A silky emulsion that is light, fast absorbing but very skin substantive and elegant in feel.

Ceramide Serum visibly increases skin body and plumpness while giving a fine sheen to its texture.  Also excellent for hands, forearms, and decolette’.

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Ceramide Serum is formulated with low doses of vitamin C lipids and vitamin A in addition to ceramides, peptides, and lactoyl compounds for healthy sheen.  Recommended for use 3-4x per week on alternating days or nights (not both). Consecutive daily use is not advised.

Powerful combinations may be made by alternating Ceramide Serum with any other 302 active to target a particular concern:

Use in rotation with A-Drops or Clarity to emphasize skin architecture and sun damage recovery.

Pair with Lightening Drops to build out the deeper layers of skin.

Use Ceramide Serum on alternating days with 302 Plus Drops to increase skin body and turgor (spring back), strength and resiliency.

Go further and vary these co-Actives from month to month or bi-monthly for strong, healthy and well balanced skin.


• Immediate improvement of skin’s look and feel
• A Multi-targeted approach for healthier functioning skin
• Excellent as a lead active in combination with others
• Exceptional results when applied with ultrasound or microcurrent
• Substantially increases barrier protection function
• Improves cell signaling to promote regeneration


PRECAUTIONS: Limit to 5x per week maximum. If irritation develops, reduce frequency or discontinue.


Apply after cleansing, evenings or mornings, not both. No addition moisturizer is necessary as this product imparts a moisturization and adequate barrier protection. Eye Creams/ Serums, non-active SPF formulas and makeup may be applied following  use.


Organic green tea, rice peptides, glucose sesquistearate, kosher glycerine, ceramide 2, ultra refined and partitioned coconut oil, guar, lactylate, mixed silicones, retinyl palmitate,vitamin C ester (tetrahexydecylascorbate), sucrose esters, polyglucose derived surfactant, sodiumbenzoate, lemon verbena extract.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 3 in


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