302 Skincare A Drops & A Drops Rx- 1 oz.

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A-Drops from 302 Professional Skincare promotes powerful anti-aging benefits for sun damaged, thin, aging and blemish prone skin.

A Drops is a water-free, high performance, self-preserved, oil-free formula structured to deliver two forms of Vitamin A: retinol and retinyl palmitate. Scientific literature attests to the efficacy of 302 A Drops/ A Drops Rx (retinol) in addressing sun damage, especially DNA repair of damaged cells (from sun, environment, chronologic aging) Vitamin A modulates cellular mitosis, builds new capillaries and reduces excess and uneven pigment deposits.

Benefits/ Features:
  • Corrects Visible Sun-Aging Flaws
  • Vitamin A (Retinol) Increases Vital Circulation
  • Smoothes Troubled Skin
  • Synergistic (works together/ is harmonius) with other 302 Active products.
  • Non-irritating formula
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  • Apply to thin skin of decollete and back of hands to rebuild these thin areas.
  • Outstanding for coarse skin, acne and acne prone skin.
  • A Drops/ A Drops Rx evens skin tone and builds skin strength.
Unique & Beneficial Characteristics:

Low molecular weight allows for easier and more effective uptake through the skin
Water, oil and acid-free; acid free is important as this reduces irritation commonly associated with retinol use- (you don’t have to just power though such side effects).  Spreads easily, penetrates quickly, hydrates and is a preservative free clear lipid- no added colors or synthetic additives.


DNA repair of damaged cells (from sun and environment as well as chronologic aging), modulates skin cell mitosis. Builds new capillaries.

Esthetic Results:

Melanocyte reduction, acne reduction, wrinkle reduction, skin building at epidermal level


For best results apply twice a week, (example: Monday, Thursday pm only) not to exceed three times per week after cleansing. More frequent application may lead to dryness. Apply with light upward strokes to neck and face.


Topical use only. Apply to test area and wait 24 hours. If irritation develops, discontinue. Avoid sunlight after application.

Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women (in short, you don’t want potential for baby to get too much vitamin A).



A-Drops – Organic jojoba oil, coconut oil derived capric triglycerides, retinyl palmitate, phyto-lipids of avocado, camphor, tangerine and mint extracts.

A-Drops Rx: Organic jojoba oil, coconut oil derived capric triglycerides, retinyl palmitate, phyto-lipids of avocado.

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2 ml. sampler, 1 oz. retail size


A Drops, A drops Rx (unscented)

1 review for 302 Skincare A Drops & A Drops Rx- 1 oz.

  1. Bryan from New Mexico

    Best natural retinol formula I have ever found. Zero irritation for sensitive skin. Works well to balance my oily skin and send breakouts packing. Nice that it requires 2 times weekly use to see results.

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