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UltraWave Skin Scrubber – Ultrasonic Skin Spatula


The UltraWave is a corded handheld skin scrubber that effectively exfoliates the skin for a rejuvenated and refreshed healthy youthful appearance. Perfect for face and body applications. UltraWave utilizes ultrasound wave technology which allows for a non-invasive and painless skin care regimen that can be used on all skin types. UltraWave gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin leaving skin healthy and able to better receive your skincare products. This is a great choice for those with sensitive skin, deeper skintones, and those looking to avoid the risks associated with frequent/ ongoing skin-thinning acid peels and dermabrasion (agressive manual exfoliation) of which both can prematurely age skin with regular practice.

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More About UltraWave (corded) – Why It Matters:

Speaking from our team’s professional experience, we love the difference that the corded feature provides with respect to performance;

1. Contiuous direct power source ensures the delivery of sound waves to remain consistent and effective with each use and ongoing to function longer than your typical battery operated (cordless and rechargable) models widely available today.

2. The corded feature also decreases the liklihood of short device lifespan due to drain on battery after long-term use/ recharging.

3. A corded scrubber device can adequately support/ sustain additional ultrasound piezoelectric crystals (more on this below). = Increased deep pore debris and dead cell removal. Increased product permeation/ product delivery.

In our experience, UltraWave is the most uniquely powerful handheld skin scrubber device available for at home use. It is also rarely, if ever noted/ discussed that the crystals on the device plate are more important than simply the specs indicating only measurement of output. In image 7 you can see a comparision of the circuitry and interior components. This illustrates the difference between UltraWave and a typical cordless skin scrubber device. The round parts, called ultrasound piezoelectric crystals (they make the sound wave on the blade). You can see that UltraWave has additional crystals which provide higher levels of sonic vibration (ultrasound/ ultrasonic power) for better overall power and performance.

Whether you are a novice user of ultrasound skin scrubbers or just want a reliable and effective portable skin scrubber device, the UltraWave is an excellent choice.

UltraWave is manufactured in Taiwan and includes a One Year Warranty (not applicable to damage caused by user). Replacement adapters are available in the event you ever need one.


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