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Calming Mist/ Calming Mist Rx formulas soothe, and improve the overall quality of skin, providing vital hydration that you can see and feel immediately with use. With regular ongoing use these soothing effects will continue to build, becoming skins “new normal”.  Your skin will look and feel healthier and revitalized. Both Calming Mist formulas (regular, and unscented Rx) contain soothing botanicals that reduce inflammation and calm symptoms of irritation.  Natural, and Organic for use anytime, anywhere use to impart an immediate cool skin quenching sensation and instant hydration.

Did we mention that the natural plant derived scent of Calming Mist is nothing short of “Ahhh-mazing”! Extracts of lavender, and citrus, so subtle, yet incredibly pleasant/ notable.   Many users report a feeling of calm, and sense of well being with each use. For those that prefer for those that prefer an unscented formula choose the Calming Mist Rx version that performs identically to regular Calming Mist.

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Calming Mist formulas pair perfectly with 302’s concentrated Active repair products (302 Drops, C Drops, A Drops, Lightening Drops, 302 Plus Drops), along with the non-active, (anytime use), Moisturizing Drops product.

Calming Mist Rx is outstanding for sensitive skin with inflammatory tendencies that needs soothing, hydration, and light moisturizing on an as needed basis.  Perfect for thirsty skin, airtravel, outdoor activities, to set your makeup, and more.  Your skin will thank you!

Recommended Skin Types
Calming Mist is recommended for all skin types and conditions. Choose Calming Mist Rx for extreme sensitization issues, or chronic conditions such as inflammatory acne, rosacea, and or dermatitis.  Particularly useful for dry, dehydrated skin.  When skin is excessively parched, or in transition away from harsh products begin with Calming Mist, and a 302 Moisturizer formula such as Clinical Formula for Inflammation/ Acne, or 302’s bestselling Recovery Plus Intensive product.  Super sensitized skin can also benefit from the minimalist formula called Moisturizing Drops Rx which is ideal for anytime use on an as needed basis.

The regular Calming Mist formula is outstanding for anytime hydration. Smells great and works instantly. Excellent for immediate relief from itching. Soothes sunburned skin, calms irritated skin. Be certain you have no sensitivity to essential oils – if so choose Calming Mist Rx. Calming Mist is excellent as an aid for spreading products like Remedy Rx as well as the 302 Professional Skincare Active products.

Calming Mist Rx offers the same benefits of regular Calming Mist however Calming Mist Rx is essential oil free/ the best choice for Inflammatory acne, rosacea, or very sensitive and depleted skin.

Use with Remedy Rx and Moisturizing Drops Rx for a complete moisturizing system for very sensitive skin.

• Reduces discomfort of itching and visible redness.
• Epigallocatechins of green tea provide antibacterial effect equivalent to 4% benzoyl peroxide according to published studies.
• pH 5.5
PRECAUTIONS: If irritation develops, discontinue use.

Apply as needed to soothe and hydrate skin. Remedy Rx recommended also when skin is visibly irritated.
Pre-wet hands and face with Calming Mist or Calming Mist Rx before applying Actives like 302 Drops, 302 Sensitive Drops Rx, A Drops, C Drops, Lightening Drops, Moisturizing Drops, or Remedy Rx. See individual products for guidance. Calming Mist and Calming Mist Rx will help spread these products more evenly and give a wonderful supple feel to the skin afterward.

INGREDIENTS – Calming Mist:
Organic green tea, kosher glycerine, polyglucose derived surfactant, polysorbate 80, camphor,
lavender and tangerine extracts.

INGREDIENTS – Calming Mist Rx:
Organic green tea, kosher glycerine, polyglucose derived surfactant, polysorbate 80.

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  1. K. King

    Let me first say that as a long time user of this product, it was my go-to for many, many years. As of my most recent purchase, I see a difference with the change to Calming Mist that I find not as appealing as the origina formula. I called your staff to advise and was provided a sample and option to exchange. I want to express that I appreciate the extra service beyond what I expected. I also LOVED the sample and the fantastic expert recommendation! I now have a new favorite (strangely a similar name) which I will also leave a review for. I simply hope with making note by way of this review to share my experience with others. I did like this product, but again, not as much as the prior formula. 🙁 Thanks again for making things right for me. Kudos to your staff. 🙂 🙂 K. King from NJ

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