Recovery Plus & Recovery Plus Rx – 3.4 oz. (Now; Light Moisturizer)


Recovery Plus formulas have a new name; the former regular formula (pink label) is now Light Moisturizer and the RX version is now referred to as Light Moisturizer- grey label. This new new look is not pictured.


The Recovery Plus moisturizers are sheer, lightweight formulas that performs best in warmer, and more humid environments when more deeply moisturizing formulas can be too heavy of barrier protection which is burdonsome for the skin. Recovery Plus Rx does not contain the camphor, and lavender (natural fragrance) present in the regular Recovery Plus formula.

Recovery Plus Moisturizers are a favorite for those with oily to combination skin when minimal moisture support/ barrier protection is optimal.

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Protects and hydrates.  Promotes cell regeneration and healing.  Natural systemic moisturizing factors appropriate for all skin types.
The Rx versions of the Recovery Series of facial moisturizers are unscented and designed for more sensitive skin conditions.

Recovery Plus • Recovery Plus Rx formulations provide excellent moisturizing and convenience. Designed for warmer, drier climates such as found in the southwest and western part of the United States, they absorb quickly with no residual tack. These products are light, protective and soothing and compatible with all 302 Skincare products, and suitable for daily use.

Key Features/ Benefits:

• Analgesic relief, hydration, and rapid barrier build out by prompting carbamoyl phosphate formation.
• Restores natural systemic moisture functions to the skin to help the skin produce its own moisture. Provides excellent protection on cold, dry days.
• Complements other topicals and may be used daily without causing skin fatigue as so often occurs with many topical moisturizers.
• Reduces the appearance of irritation.
• Softening, filling out, smoothing, calming of skin.

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Regular, RX (unscented)


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