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Sculplla H2 PLLA Bestsellers + BONUS Hyal

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Can’t access a Licensed Esthetician/ Sculplla Pro for the popular PLLA Facial Filler Mask? We’ve got you covered!

Get the next best thing at home with Our Best Sellers Bundle. Everything you need to DIY at home Like a Pro. This Bundle features the 6 key Sculplla brand products Estheticians use for Anti-aging treatments plus a FREE BONUS ($170 value).



What’s Included:

Promoter Repair Eye Cream– ($80 msrp)
This eye cream has the same PLLA as other PLLA products found here but in a formula ideal for the fine lines and crow’s feet in the eye area. This unique blend of PLLA, Volufiline, 4GF, PDRN is nothing short of AMAZING! This luxurious eye cream creates exquisite hydration! Your eyes will appear smoother and firmer with continued use.

CaviPLLA Multi-Serum– 120 ml. ($200 msrp)
TIP: Follow your favorite night serums with a generous application of CaviPLLA and wake to more plump hydrated skin.

Anti-aging Key Benefits:

  • Provides building blocks for optimal skin function
  • Firms and lift with continued use (your skin keeps getting healthier)
  • Minimizes pores/ Improves texture
  • Restores firmness
  • Higher concentration of PLLA than Stem Cell Mist for enhanced production of new collagen (increases with continued use)
  • Reduces wrinkles, plumps and fills with biostimulator PLLA
  • Multi- ingredient/ Multi-action combination + quality of ingredients for more visibly youthful skin.

H2 Stem Cell Mist (now Pilleo Stem Cell Mist) – 150 ml. ($95 msrp)
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and promotes a radiant, glowing complexion/ balanced skin tone and texture. Results build with continued use to impart more healthy and visibly youthful skin. Features Lotus Plant Stem Cell to promote vitality and enhance skin by forming a protective barrier. Works synergistically when used on top of other products, it will improve results.

Hydrolyzed Collagen relaxes tired dull skin and aloe vera leaf extract hydrates for a healthy lasting glow.

Collagen stimulating Poly L Lactic Acid (PLLA magic ingredient found in dissolvable sutures/stitches. PLLA, also known as a bio simulator, liquid bandage or dissolving sutures, is a safe ingredient with decades of sugical use due to its ability to stimulate collagen and support healthy skin.

Promoter Cell Repair Moisturizer (Formerly Promoter Repair Cell Cream)– 50mL – ($140 msrp)
A remarkably unique formula with PLLA + 4GF + Snail Mucus Filtrate + PGA of Plant Collagen. High-performance with multiple benefits to enhance your PLLA beauty regimen.

Key Benefits:

  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Luminizes lack-luster skin
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin texture
  • Controls acne bacteria

Sun Cushion Spf 50 ($52 msrp)
Sun Cushion SPF is a broad spectrum SPF 50 and is the SPF/BB you take with you every where!

This exquisite creamy formula in compact (cushion) form helps to minimize visible signs of aging while protecting against both harmful UVA and UVB rays. It will provide a natural glow throughout the day without feeling heavy or sticky on your face. It automatically adjusts to any skin color within minutes of application. It is even great for men!

Use Sun Cushion as a light foundation or your final step post foundation for Spf protection that wears well, leaves skin luminous and lasts all day. The convenient mirrored compact makes touch ups and reapplication a breeze.

Sun Cushion SPF 50 repairs as it protects from UVA/ UVB rays with PLLA & 4 GF (growth factors). Truly a SPF/BB cream like no other- safe for sensitive and acne prone skin.

Promoter Collagen Gel -150 ml/ 5.07 oz. tube – ($90 msrp)

This purple collagen gel contains Azulene extracted from Chamomile. Azulene contains antioxidants and offers anti-inflammatory properties. It is antimicrobial for effective acne control, and soothes irritated red skin. Promoter Collagen Gel also contains 4GF (EGF, FGF, IGF, TGF), PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) which are the main active ingredients from the Sculplla line to give total anti-aging skin care benefits. An exceptional choice when used as a conduction medium for ultrasound and microcurrent applications.

How to use:

General- apply to clean, dry skin am/ pm to promote collagen production and treat sensitive and. or breakout prone skin..

Conductive Gel- apply a generous amount and reapply as needed in conjuction with ultrasound and/ or microcurrent treatments.
Promoter Collagen Gel contains carefully selected ingredients to improve skin while working to ensure ultrasound energy penetrates to the deepest layer of skin.

Your FREE BONUS with Scuplla Best Sellers Bundle:

HYAL Moisture Solution (150mL) $170 msrp

HYAL is an intensive hyaluronic based treatment ideal for moisture-starved, dry skin. Rich in antioxidants A,C,D of May Rose Water (91%) Infuses deeply to lock in hydration for lasting benefits. Firms, softens, smoothes with continued use.
Featuring 6 Hyapol Complex and Goat milk brightens and removes dull build to promote smooth, soft texture and more even skin tone.

How to use/ Suggested Regimen:

After cleansing in the morning and optionally at night, apply serums to face, neck and décolletage. Follow with Cell Repair Cream and finish with Stem Cell Mist. You can also apply or re-apply Caviplla (Cavi) after Cell Repair Cream since Cavi is a multi-purpose serum. Apply Sun Cushion SPF 50 light coverup/ foundation and SPF 50 protection. Sun Cushion spreads far and can be layered as needed to build coverage. Start slow- a little goes a long way.


1 review for Sculplla H2 PLLA Bestsellers + BONUS Hyal

  1. Glynnis P.

    I took the plunge and purchased this bundle after speaking at length with your helpful representative. . I am very happy with how my skin is looking. I can’t tell exactly where ( which product(s) the magic is coming from , but I will take it. Nice results, great customer service and I’m still feeling great about this purchase from back in September. The Caviplla and the eye cream stand out as my favorites to apply. I am looking forward to the holidays (family photos 😉) with my improved and regenerated skin.

    • 21stcenturyskincarestore

      Thank you for your review Glynnis! We are very glad to know that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Cheers! ~ Your 21 Skin Team

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