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My Skin Buddy Boost + BONUS

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Get Cleaner, Healthier Skin with My Skin Buddy Boost + BONUS products from Neogenesis (valued at $60).

My Skin Buddy Boost is new and improved! Four proven technologies in one skincare device that features the benefits of LED light, ultrasonic vibrations, heat, and ion therapy to deep cleanse skin and infuse serums to maximize efficacy.

My Skin Buddy Boost includes a 2 year warranty
What’s not to love! Gets skin super clean, silky smooth, and glowing!




Combining the new and improved My Skin Bussy Boost + BONUS Neogenisis “Cleanse and Care” products Bundle is super simple, and super effective way to treat your skin to a Healthy Radiant Glow!

The New & Improved Difference of My Skin Buddy Boost:
  • Improved Stainless Steel Treatment Head. Longer lasting, stronger and more corrosion-resistant to acids, enzymes
  • More LED Bulbs 30 vs 18

Two additional Colors:
White: Full-Spectrum/ 510 nm is the most deeply absorbed wavelength. It helps target inflammation, is shown to help with skin tightening and rejuvenation, and reduces the appearance of redness and scarring. Suitable for clients with acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and hyperpigmentation.

Yellow: 575 nm penetrates deeper than blue and green. This color is beneficial to individuals with sensitive skin who are looking to calm redness from skin conditions such as sun damage, rosacea, and inflammation.

  • Combination Colors in the settings to boost overall treatment and save time
  • Longer-lasting Polymer Battery
What’s Included?

1. MYSKINBUDDY Boost Device *with 2 year warranty

2. Holding Stand

3. USB Charger

4. User Manual

5. Our Exclusive BONUS Offer: Cleanse and Care Bundle with 1 each of the following products from Neogenesis:

  1. Cleanser 30 ml. 
  2. Moisturizing Mist 30 ml.
  3. Skin Serum 5 ml.
  4. Barrier Renewal Cream 5 ml.


Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in

3 reviews for My Skin Buddy Boost + BONUS

  1. Marisa J

    I can speak to this my skin buddy as still being my fave for keeping my skin in great shape. I had previously tried some of the silicon sonic cleansers and this spatula tool from BTthat was really expensive but never quite had the power to get my skin completely free of makeup. Speaking of makeup, I wear a my fair share for my on camera work, and removing it easily was always an ordeal. I just happened to have left my cherished original buddy that I purchase about 4 years ago in a hotel recently while on business and never recoevered it. I did not even make it one week without feeling the pain of that missing element and the return of my makeup removal nightmares. Of course I knew what I had to do and now that I have my repalcement in the new version, I am ecstatic. This thing in the new version is superb. It feels like it works eve quicker to remove makeup and get my skin feeling so soft, smooth and ready to receive my products (which I also apply with this magical handheld wonder). I am just wanting to share here as I was also happy with the free products, super fast shipping and fair price for the bundle. ~Marisa J.

  2. Sammie H in San Antonio

    Boost is a really good choice for me. My skin has got better since use. I recomend to try it if you get blackheads or clogged pores it is so good for that. My skin is balanced from many years with combination oily and dry so now since boost it more normal and nice.

  3. Customer

    Thank you for recommending this product. I am very pleased with how it performs. My skin is much smoother and softer and looks healthier. I feel like my spf and makeup glides on smoothly and no more flaky skin problems. I thought my skin was just dry but this quickly changed after use of MSB Boost. I think I just needed the right kind of cleansing and exfoliation that the sonic waves provided to get my skin glowing again at age 51. Thank you again for helping me choose the right device to get great results! ~Maritza from Chicago

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