Clarity – Single tube / 6 pack

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Clarity is a non-irritating, well tolerated, and very powerful active Vitamin A product for aging, pigmentation and acne (in particular the non-inflammatory acne). The is product is regarded as “non-irritating” via its active form of vitamin A called retinyl acetate. This beneficial alternative does not produce the redness and irritation commonly associated with traditional and prescription retinol formulas.

302 Professional Skincare’s most powerful vitamin A product. Stronger than the A Drops and Vitamin A Mist products. Perfect for boosting collagen production, improving skin metabolism, along with sun-damaged and heavily wrinkled skin. Also ideal for skin that is congested by acne, or for addressing uneven pigmentation.


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Also exceptional for use as a spot treatment (lines, wrinkles, sun damage, comedones) as this cream formula stays exactly where you apply it. We like to follow use of Clarity with a very light swipe of 302’s Remedy Rx (a soothing, and healing skin cream with zinc).
Best Synergistically when used in a rotation with the 302/Avogen™ , and vitamin C products.

Clarity will help a great deal in smoothing skin, brightening tone, eliminating congestion, strengthening overall skin health and finally, helping to lift out pigment blotches.

Pro Tip:

Use Lightening Drops 3x per week on alternating days from Clarity for enhanced targeting of stubborn pigment and deep wrinkles.

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Single Tube, 6 Tube Pk.


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