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C Drops / C Drops Rx 1 oz.

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C Drops is a concentrated, all natural, stable, and non-irritating Vitamin C formula that optimizes skin function, roots out uneven pigmentation, and corrects poor skin tone.



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Why We Need it/ How it Works:

C Drops and C Drops Rx (unscented) works without bothersome irritation as often occurs with ascorbic acid based Vitamin C formulas. This balanced form of vitamin C product uses esters, versus acids. Esters work to improve the resilience of the deeper dermal layers. The low molecular weight allows for rapid absorption. Most users get outstanding results with 3x weekly use. Alternating days or nights is optimal.

C-Drops is clear lipid structured to deliver this concentrated Vitamin C. The scientific literature attests to the efficacy of 302 Skincare’s C Drops (Vitamin C metabolite) in promoting a healthy skin metabolism.  Healthier function helps to reduce formation of lipofuscin, (a waste product). This waste tends to progressively accumulate in skin cells as we age. Vitamin C also reduces the tendency of uneven pigmentation. These visible improvements are accompanied by deep dermal improvement. In particular by way of rejeneration of poorly formed collagen that occurs from aging.

Key Ingredients/ Benefits:

• Helps natural repair functions to restore environmental damage.

• Clarifies, brightens skin, and evens tone.

• Builds skin strength.

• Reduces or eliminates deep-seated pigmentation problems

• Increases barrier function

• Smoothes and softens

• Preservative and chemical free formula

Mechanisms: Improves dermal metabolism, reduces melanocyte formation. Improves and builds skin resistance to sun damage. Helps to calm irritated skin, and reduce inflammation.

Esthetic Results: Evens skin tone, smoothes texture, reduces wrinkles and pigmentation.


Ingredients C Drops:

Organic jojoba oil, capric/caprylic triglycerides, vitamin C lipid (tetrahexyldecylascorbate), avocado extract, camphor, tangerine, lemon verbena and mint extracts.

Ingredients C Drops Rx:

Organic jojoba oil, coconut oil derived capric triglycerides, vitamin C lipid (tetrahexyldecylascorbate), phyto-lipids of avocado.

How to Use:

For aged sun damaged, normal/dry skin – apply every other day, or evenings (best), after cleansing.
For most, 3x per week provides excellent conditioning. More frequent application may reduce benefits.

1. Mix 1 pump of concentrated C-Drops in the palm of your hand. Add 3-4 mist sprays of Calming Mist.
2. Rub hands together and apply with light upward strokes to neck and face or desired area.
3. Follow with Remedy Rx to provide a light even coating. Spread further with Calming Mist Rx. This step provides excellent moisturizing feel and protection.

Weight 4.0 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 3 in

C Drops, C Drops Rx (unscented)


5 ml. Sampler, 1 oz. retail size

1 review for C Drops / C Drops Rx 1 oz.

  1. Marla P.

    C Drops is my magical vitamin C. I’ve tried many brands yet this one is really the stuff! My skin glows like nothing I’ve experienced with a brighter and more even tone. My ugly broken capillaries seem to have faded away. Thank you! Marla P.

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